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FDM Create Application Error

Martin.Xie Member Posts: 25
edited Apr 3, 2014 5:23PM in Financial Data Management


I have installed EPM in the following environment

Platform OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit

Database: Oracle 11g

Oracle Client: 64bit, 32bit installed

EPM Version:

Issue: When I tried to add a new FDM application, then following error occured. The Oracle user should be ok because I can log in with it in sqlplus.

Error: Unable to connect to database.  Please check database information and verify database is accessible.

Where can I get more information?

Thanks & Regards,



  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,694 Bronze Crown


    Is your TNS correctly defined for the 32-bit?

    Are you able to create a UDL (32 bit) and connect to FDM database?

    I would suggest checking Doc ID 1556309.1, Doc ID 1324896.1, and Doc ID 1507666.1 ?


  • Martin.Xie
    Martin.Xie Member Posts: 25


    Thanks for your suggestion but seems I can't create the UDL32 connection successfully.



  • Martin.Xie
    Martin.Xie Member Posts: 25

    I tried to create a UDL (32bit) file, like 'testconn.udl32'. But when I opened the file, I can't find "Oracle Provider for OLE DB" which I can see that in UDL (64bit) file.


  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,694 Bronze Crown

    Did you follow Test a 32-bit OLEDB Connection With a UDL File on 64-bit Windows [ID 405743.1]?

    You should also check 32-bit version of the provider is correctly installed.

    You have a master note for troubleshooting OLEDB:

    Master Note For The Oracle Provider for OLE DB (OLE DB) (Doc ID 1132946.1)

  • Krishan Kumar-Oracle
    Krishan Kumar-Oracle Member Posts: 228 Employee

    Make sure to update the TNSNAMES.ORA file with the proper database connect descriptor in the 32Bit Oracle Client\Network\Admin directory.

  • Martin.Xie
    Martin.Xie Member Posts: 25

    Sorry I have no access to Oracle Support now.

  • JeffJon
    JeffJon Member Posts: 1,141

    this error occurs when FDM is unable to connect to the Oracle Database:

    Check the following:

    a) the 32 bit oracle Client has been installed on the FDM application server

    b) the 32 bit Oracle Client TNSNAMES.ORA file has a valid connect descriptor for the database you are entering into the Database Tab.  You can test this with a 32 bit UDL file as noted in KM

    Test a 32-bit OLEDB Connection With a UDL File on 64-bit Windows (Doc ID 405743.1)

    If you are not seeing the Oracle Provider for OLEDB in the 32 bit UDL, then the 32 bit provider has not been installed.  You need to make sure that the 32bit RUntime Client, Oracle Provider for OLEDB, Oracle Database Utilities, Oracle Objects for OLE, Oracle Data Provider for .NET and Oracle Providers for ASP.NET are all installed with the 32 bit client installer.

    If you are positive that they are installed, you may need to register the oracle provider for OLEDB .dll in the Client\Bin directory with regsrv32    

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