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Discussions impdp issue with wrapped packages

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We are planning to upgrade our database to version In our application we use the datapump tool to export data from our "core" database and import it into our "mobile" databases. This process worked perfectly before version but when performing an import via data pump tool into a database the import fails because one of our package gets invalid in the database during the import (we use wrapped packages).

The error is the following:

Compilation errors for PACKAGE BODY

PLS-00753: malformed or corrupted wrapped unit

I checked the difference between the two databases (one where the dump file was imported from and the other where the dump file was imported into) and i found that the wrapped code of the packages are different.

In the all_source view the code of the package is stored in two rows. The last character of the first row is a "/" character in the database where the dump file was exported from. In the other database this "/" character is somehow removed from the code during the import.

This is the wrapped code part in the DB where the export was made:

imgur: the simple image sharer

And this is the wrapped code in the DB where the dump was imported into:

imgur: the simple image sharer

A "/" character is missing from the code in the DB where the import was made and the package cannot be compiled. However an additional "/" character is appended at the end of the code of the package.

Our packages was wrapped with the version of 10g but the same issue happened with another package when a re-wrapped them with a newer version of Oracle.

Did anyone encounter this issue? Is this an Oracle bug?

Thanks for your help in advance,



  • Richard Harrison .
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    I've seen that happen when moving platforms - is that true in this case (for us it was AIX to Linux) and 1 out of about 500 packages showed that behaviour.



  • HudieY
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    In my case I confirm, that I can reproduce this issue on Windows platform too (expdp and impdp on Win 64bit).

    In most (or all) cases like you wrote, problem was in missed '/' character.

    Oracle is free of this issue

  • user4033696
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    It seems to be an Oracle bug.

    According to my observations  - the character '/' (ascii 47) will be lost during impdp import if it appears as the 4092th byte in a wrapped package body definition (in its 74th or 75th line).

    If so - it is fixable after the import.

    Hope it helps


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