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Ops Center Build Time

SC-BBK Member Posts: 51
edited Jun 16, 2015 6:46AM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Can anybody tell me the ball park figure of building a fully workable Enterprise Ops Center?  The Ops Center should be able to discover and report on 25 computers, but be able to build VMs including service/control domains on 2 Sparc T series machines in one pool and another 2 Sparc T series machines in a different pool.



  • 1263852
    1263852 Member Posts: 7
    edited Jun 15, 2015 8:11AM

    Assuming everything work as planned  and you have met all pre-requisites I would say 5 working days. Having said that less likely to get it all ready as often you will find problems. Installation itself can take couple of hours only, but synchronizing repo (64GB) can take long. Until then you do not have Solaris 11, or can speed up a bit by using Disconnected mode local repo.

    Before you can install any server you need to create necessary OS profiles and Btw if your servers already installed, then Ops-center will not be able to manage it or create new logical domain. Ops-C can only monitor already installed server as of now.

    Discovering server is fairly quick when it works. Discovering OS can take up to 1 hour depending on network speed from OEC to Proxy to Server since agent must be copied over and installed.

    If any of above seem new or you have not already worked on Ops-center I will give it another 2 weeks minimum as there are so much to learn and work out.

  • SC-BBK
    SC-BBK Member Posts: 51
    edited Jun 16, 2015 5:45AM

    I heard from various sources, that it takes from start to finish maximum 3-4 days.  Albeit, they are from USA and India where the work ethic is different.  I wanted to know what is the European view on this, where people work in a different way and Oracle may throttle the download even.  Lot of people have installed Ops Center in Europe and lot of consultants are working on this to help their customers. 

  • Giorgio-Oracle
    Giorgio-Oracle Member Posts: 14
    edited Jun 16, 2015 5:58AM

    I don't understand what difference is in work ethic btw Europe and rest of the world, however we are talking about few days, not about 100 or 200 days, which could make a big difference.

    From my experience 5 days is the minimum to have an initial working environment with libraries fully populated, profiles for discovery and provisioning and some learning from users.

    Of course network must be already planned and working, access to external Oracle available (if working in Connected Mode) and new server installed and powered on with network connection already plugged.

  • SC-BBK
    SC-BBK Member Posts: 51
    edited Jun 16, 2015 6:37AM

    Thank you @Giorgio-Oracle for your input.  From, the previous reply, I got the idea, that it might take almost up to 5+10 days, i.e. 15 days.  This confused me.  As you said, 5 days is more like what I expected - i.e. about 3- 4 days to install and 1- 1.5 days for knowledge transfer as you have mentioned.   We are working in Connected Mode BTW.

  • Giorgio-Oracle
    Giorgio-Oracle Member Posts: 14
    edited Jun 16, 2015 6:46AM

    Dear SC-BBK,

    no problem, I think my reply is similar to the previous one, from user 1263852. He suggested 5 days for installation plus additional weeks for learning and practice, which is a good suggestion if first time  with Ops Center, to explore all the useful features available

    I only focalized on main task :-)



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