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Managed Server log Purging Server_soa1.out

user13020455 Member Posts: 3
edited Mar 26, 2016 3:15AM in SOA Suite Discusssions

Hello All experts.

Can any one suggest on this.

" In production server log 'Server_SOA1.out00001' is exceeded the Size 10GB. The second file created like 'Server_SOA1.out00002' is just12KB and it started logging into a new file 'Server_SOA1.out'.

Is it safe to delete the file 'Server_SOA1.out00001'.

Thanks and Regards,

Nisar Ahmed



  • JayankaB
    JayankaB Member Posts: 25
    edited Mar 24, 2016 3:55PM

    Hi Nisar,

    I believe these files refer to the node manager log files and are generated when the Servers are started from the WLS console. Since a 0002 file is already generated  001 is not in use further.[ .out is used for current logging and it gets rotated to .00001,2... once a size is reached.]

    I believe that these are safe to delete. But if I were you, I would be extra cautious on Production and try to follow the steps below (before going for any delete on production):

    a) I would check the timestamp of the 10GB file (last updated). Gives a clear idea if the log is in use.

    b) Also, try to rename any similar files on the lower environments (NON PROD) before trying anything on Production.

    On productions, i follow the scheme of renaming the file, watching for any negative impact and then decide for a deletion once i am sure.



  • user13020455
    user13020455 Member Posts: 3
    edited Mar 25, 2016 5:06AM

    Hello Jayanka,

    Thank for your reply. I made it to null.. .0001 exist in same place with 0 byte....



  • Ryan M O'Hare
    Ryan M O'Hare Member Posts: 10
    edited Mar 26, 2016 3:15AM


    What you are seeing is a normal function of the WLS log rotation policy. However, I believe your concern is more around why the .out00002 file is only 12KB but it is still writing logs to the .out file. The .out (with no sequence number) is the active log file. If you tail -f that file you should see it rotating if there are activities happening on the server. Can you tell if there is any data actively being written to the .out00002 file? My guess is no.

    Can you describe the log rotation configurations in your environment? This article explains how to navigate to those configurations in WLS console. Rotate log files


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