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HFM - Reports in HFM does not export properly in Excel

pawanis Member Posts: 92
edited May 19, 2017 3:43PM in Financial Consolidation

Did any has similar challenge?

I have a HFM and there are some reports built. When user is trying to export those reports to Excel, it is discarding some information and data is also not exported correctly.

Any help is appreciated.




  • HFar
    HFar Member Posts: 213 Blue Ribbon
    edited May 19, 2017 2:41PM

    I assume you are exporting reports into excel from workspace. Can you please share screenshot of report in workspace and report exported in excel? It will give better understanding that what is missing.


  • pawanis
    pawanis Member Posts: 92
    edited May 19, 2017 3:32PM

    Thanks for your response.

    Unfortunately cant share the docs here. Below is the exact issue I have and hope it might give you some more info

    Using HFM

    Issue is - am trying to export balance sheet from work space and is in PDF format to Excel spreadsheet.

    What happens is - Excel spreadsheet cuts some data and display data in sheet 1 and sheet 2.

    In Balance sheet , we have Assets, Liabilities and Owner's Equity.

    On sheet 1 - out of 100 columns for Assets, only 50 columns are exported to excel.

    Sheet 2 - out of 100 columns , only 50 are displayed for Liabilities and Owners equity.

  • USER1211
    USER1211 Member Posts: 3,104
    edited May 19, 2017 3:43PM is a base version. You may want to look into the patches and see if the issue is a bug and addressed via a patch. The latest version of HFR is

    Good Luck.

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