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MFT to ERP integration.

pranav shah
pranav shah Member Posts: 26

Hi Guys,

I am looking to move files from my integration application (ODI) to MFT. The file will be formed as per the ERP specification and zipped using ODI.

The MFT layer would consume the file and would need to send it to ERP applications. I need your help to understand how the file would be move from MFT to ERP. Below is my understanding-

1) MFT would transffer the zipped file to UCM using the Web Center Content Management as the target- Is this correct?

2) MFT would have a second target and call "LoadAndImportData" webservice using the wsdl to actually start the transfer to the ERP applications- Is this correct?

Below are the questions pertaining to this understanding-

1) Is it possible to transfer files from MFT to UCM using target in the dropdown or do i have to call some UCM webservice for this?

2) For the actual transfer to start how do i give a second call to the LoadAndImportData webservice? will this be done using a callout or will be a normal webservice call?

3) Also what is the role of ESS to start the loading process on the ERP side?





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