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Financial Reporting for HFM - Displaying UNICODE or HEXCODE or HTML Code

Antonio R.
Antonio R. Member Posts: 510 Silver Badge
edited Nov 30, 2017 1:24PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting

Hi, I am trying to display and up pointing arrow in a HFM/FR Report with the html code ↑ using a text cell. This code displays the arrow when the report is run in PDF format, but not so when displayed in HTML format; this is the first issue. The second issue is that I need to display the arrow based on a condition but when I use the IfThen() formula it errors out, It does not like the ampersand symbol. It also gets confused with the UNICODE U+02191 because it is trying to add a text plus a value.

Has anyone been able to display arrows or any other symbol in Financial Reporting? A solution to this issue, or any other idea will be greatly appreciated.





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