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EPM to EPM (Simply a patch upgrade or release?)

Nirmal Shrestha
Nirmal Shrestha Member Posts: 218
edited Mar 27, 2018 3:09PM in Planning and Budgeting


I have a quick question regarding upgrading from to (on any 11 to 11 version).

I know that as per Oracle's documentation, it is a patch upgrade as it is from 11 to 11. In order to be a major release, it has to go from 11 to 12.

However, because of the time and effort it takes to upgrade from to or from to, can't it be considered a major release? In fact, we are planning to move from to and the effort is pretty huge as I had upgraded from to

I was wondering if any of you have checked with Oracle why they do not call it a release? or has Oracle stated anywhere that it is considered a major release or simply a patch upgrade?




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