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Dynamic web server URL in Action link - Navigate to web page

Hello Everyone,

I am having a problem which I hope to find the resolution within this forum.

I have two environments, Dev and Test. For example sake, lets say the Dev webserver URL is & Test webserver URL is

I developed on the DEV system and used an action link - navigate to web page option to pass parameters so that it goes to another report with the parameters passed to the prompts.

Now, this analysis was migrated to the Test environment for testing. But it carries the URL in to Test.

So when the testers test it on the Test system, the action link navigates back to the DEV system.

I need a way to keep the web server part of the URL dynamic when developing, so that I don't need to hard code it.

Appreciate your feedback.

Robert Angel


  • Geoff Winkworth
    Geoff Winkworth Member Posts: 21 Blue Ribbon
    edited May 30, 2018 12:45PM

    I haven't tried it with URLs, but have you looked at presentation or server variables?  We've used them successfully in dynamic attribute formulas and filters; don't know if they'd behave the same way embedded in a URL.

    Robert Angel
  • Robert Angel
    Robert Angel Member Posts: 4,535 Bronze Crown
    edited May 30, 2018 3:29PM

    Geoff's suggestion is exactly how it has been done on many, many projects.

    The only other way I have seen it done is more database-centric and relies on you have access to the underlying DBs so you can store all of the environment specific data that way.

    Finally, some like to apply the environment specific stuff as a patch to an homogenous rpd, as part of the pre-deployment steps.

    Pay your money, take your choice.

  • user11211978
    user11211978 Member Posts: 2
    edited Jun 4, 2018 10:01PM

    Thank you Geoff. I was able to use a repository variable on the link/image URL on a dashboard page. However tried to use the same on an action link on a column but it doesn't work.

    Any ideas?

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