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How do I get custom object data to automatically load into an interview?

Scott Heidenreich
Scott Heidenreich Member Posts: 134 Blue Ribbon


I have a custom object used as a cross reference table between Organizations and Contacts in OSvC.  When I set the OPM mapping settings to "Also load data related to a particular" and choose the custom object from the list, all seems to be well.  This model is being set up for a customer portal user (See attached screen shot).

by doing this, the contact information and the cross reference table information are set to be global attributes.  Which is what I was wanting to happen.

But when I run the model as a logged in user from the customer portal, the contact information is retrieved successfully and the cross reference table information is not.

However, if I create a child entity and map that to the cross reference table, then it is loaded as expected into the child entity.

Is there a reason why the data won't load into the global level even though OPM is allowing it to be configured that way?


  • Scott Heidenreich
    Scott Heidenreich Member Posts: 134 Blue Ribbon
    edited Jun 6, 2018 11:26AM
  • Scott Berry
    Scott Berry Posts: 29 Employee
    edited Jun 7, 2018 1:45AM

    You have selected Loading this data is optional which means when you start the interview and don't supply an ID of an existing DrinkWater.org2contact row the interview will start without seeding in the values from one, and won't throw an error. Try deselecting this and you'll see the interview fails to start and a helpful message in Logs saying something along the lines of "Input table was specified but no initID was supplied".

    More info here Oracle Policy Automation Documentation Library  under Load data from the Contact and an additional object.

    Having the 'optional' checkbox selected was hiding the real problem: you haven't been supplying an init_id in the widget configuration. Read in Oracle Policy Automation Documentation Library the Insert the widget into an Incident page to pull the URL parameter into the widget's init_id parameter. You can also hardcode the ID or use another method depending on your needs.

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