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ETL taking too much of table space that it crashes on running full load.

Hamza Shakeel
Hamza Shakeel Member Posts: 63 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 2, 2018 9:35AM in Data Integrator

Hi All,

I have a fact table named viewership. It contains about 130 million records. I have written ETL such that first I import the data from the external database server to BI database server in a stage table, then I have created a mapping which puts the data into the actual fact table.

The problem that I am facing is that when i run the ETL for full load, it crashes as it consumes too much of TEMP table space. I am looking for a way through which I can solve this issue of some way through which I could write several mapping that load the data in smaller chunks.

Your help will be great.


Farrukh Nasir Siddiqui


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