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Get Parameter value in FDM report event script

936587 Member Posts: 3
edited Oct 22, 2018 5:45PM in Financial Data Management

Hi All!

I'm using FDM and I want to make the report behave differently depending on the parameter chosen.

The parameter's name is "publish", so I would like to write some code like

Sub OnFormat

if rpt.parameters("publish").value = 1 then

     rpt.Sections("ReportGroup").Controls("Label").multiline = false


But can't find correct syntax for rpt.parameters("publish").value.

And the second, connected question:

Before starting the report users choose the report format - pdf, xls and so on.

Is the any way to get programmatically the users choise

a) in the report SQL

b) in the report event script, for example OnFormat?

Would be really appreciate for assistance in my questions.

Best regards