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Oracle Coherence Platform Integration Requirements

Orbital Identity
Orbital Identity Member Posts: 1
edited Nov 3, 2018 7:38PM in Coherence Support

I'm curious to know if Coherence Clustering  can be enabled, configured and utilized specifically for it's dB caching/partitioning functionality within an existing WebLogic domain, without the need for development work for existing J2EE apps/EJB deployments?  We are looking to improve the performance of a number of proprietary J2EE applications, and have limited ability to influence application level design changes.  I know that this may be a rudimentary question, but I would appreciate any insight that this community might be able to provide.


  • User12611285-Oracle
    User12611285-Oracle Member Posts: 2
    edited Nov 3, 2018 7:38PM

    Couple of features that I can think of are Coherence*Web and TopLink Grid.

    1. Coherence*Web

         Coherence*Web provides Coherence-based HTTP session state persistence to

    applications running on WebLogic Server. Coherence*Web enables HTTP session

    sharing and management across different Web applications, domains, and

    heterogeneous application servers.

         The three Session models, Session attribute scoping and Automatic detection

    of changed attributes are some of the key features that could boost performance

    without application code changes.

    2. TopLink Grid

         TopLink Grid provides applications with a number of options on how they can

    scale, ranging from using Coherence as a distributed shared (L2) cache up to

    directing JP QL queries to Coherence for parallel execution across the grid

    to reduce database load. With TopLink Grid, you do not have to rewrite your

    applications to scale out.

         You just have to use "org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.PersistenceProvider" as

    the the persistence unit provider in your app. The benefits of using TopLink

    Grid are too many to list here. I have provided a link below.

    3. Coherence HotCache

         You may also find Coherence GoldenGate HotCache useful. The biggest benefit

    with HotCache is that the database changes are automatically pushed to

    Coherence caches. But *I am not sure*, if the benefit can be reaped without

    application code changes.

    You may find the following links useful.

    1. Creating and Managing Coherence Cluster in a Weblogic Domain:

    2. Coherence*Web:

    3. TopLink Grid:

    4. Coherence & GoldenGate: