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[ HFM ] What is the meaning of the column LPHASEID in table XXX_PFLOWH_XX_XXXX

user-steven.gu_4161916 Member Posts: 10 Blue Ribbon
edited Dec 11, 2018 2:55AM in Financial Consolidation

Hi guys,

I got stuck when dealing with the process flow. I feel confused about the use of the column LPHASEID in the table XXX_PFLOWH_XX_XXXX and I cannot find out any materials describing the column (Please see it in the attachment). Dose anybody know? Thanks for any replies!


Best Answer

  • user6692921
    user6692921 Member Posts: 179 Silver Badge
    edited Nov 16, 2018 3:29AM Answer ✓

    This is for Phased Submissions. You can break up the chart of accounts into 9 separate phases. Each phase has its own validation account and process management promotion. This column will contain 1 to 9. If you're not using phased submissions you can ignore it.