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Reading POST Parameters in WebCenter Sites Template

3851875 Member Posts: 1
edited Dec 18, 2018 12:55PM in WebCenter Sites

Hello Everyone,

I have created a HTML form inside a JavaScript file using HTML DOM innerHTML property.When I submit this form, it calls a WebCenter Sites page. I would like to read those form parameters inside the page template. It works fine if I use GET method in the HTML form, but not working for the POST method. I can't use <satellite:form method> because my form is inside JavaScript file. I am ics.GetVar() tag to read the parameters . Are there any other ways  to handle POST request inside WebCenter Sites ? 

Thanks in advance.


  • Graham L
    Graham L Member Posts: 69 Blue Ribbon
    edited Dec 18, 2018 12:55PM

    Are you saying that ics.GetVar() is not returning anything for your parameters in a POST request?

    Can you provide and example for the way you are posting the form and how you are reading the form parameters in your template?

    Might be useful to tell us which version of WebCenter Sites you are using as well. Also is this in the Contributor UI or on a delivery site?