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Routing EDI messages from a VAN

User_Q4M0R Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
edited May 2019 in Integration - B2B

We receive EDI messages from a number of partners from a VAN via FTP. The EDI messages are named with the current timestamp.

Each message would need to go to a specific composite depending on the partner/message.

What is the best way to route these messages to a composite?

For example, lets say we receive 2 EDI messages from our VAN. One is from Ford and one is from Nissan. Both of the messages look like this:



How can I route these messages to the Ford/Nissan composites?

Note that in the first line of the EDI message we can see the EDI ID which will tell us that the message is Ford/Nissan. Can anything be done with this EDI ID?

Thanks in advance for your help



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