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Opening / Closing balance on QTR's and Year Total

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edited Jul 4, 2019 3:17AM in Planning and Budgeting

Hi All,

Hope you are doing great and would be able to help me with the below query:

The need at one of our clients is that on QTR's the opening balance for the BS account should be reflected from the first month of the QTR period and not the last.

So if we are in QTR 1 then the opening balance should be from Jan and not from Mar.

We have a seperate movement dimension where all movements are tracked.

Kindly Refer below on the expected behavior:


We are to achieve these results by placing the needed formula on QTR and YT, however , this tweak conflicts on how our KPI calculation has been set up and to get those to work we had to incorporate the KPI

calculation logics on QTR's as well. all combined the retrieval of QTR and YT on forms and SV adhocs has taken a big toll.

Would you be able to suggest a workaround to get the desired results for BS logic without writing a formula on period dimension? Could you please suggest how QTR and YT numbers can be achieved via  a calc script?

Thank you !!