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Cannot renew Standard DNS account, only allows Pro

edited Aug 7, 2019 4:42AM in Dyn Community

Hi, everyone,

A week ago, upon realizing our Standard DNS account was soon to expire I decided to renew the subscription. Then it offered me to add DynDNS Pro; I clicked Yes and well, everything went well.

However I'm noticing, as far as I've checked it out, I can use several domains for use, but I can't use any of our customized domains since DynDNS Pro apparently doesn't manage or host them anymore, unlike Standard DNS, which could actually do it. (Of course, unless there's a real way of doing so, which I have not seen anywhere so far)

My initial move was looking for some way of downgrading our service back to Standard DynDNS,  but there's no option to be found anywhere throughout DynDNS website.

So, given that this current service won't apparently make a good solution for our business whatsoever I was hoping for you to give us some way out. Is there any process though which we can get a refund and be able to go on with our Standard DynDNS as usual?

Thanks in advance for your help. GOD bless you.