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SOAP header manipulation in OSB

1835981 Member Posts: 16
edited Oct 22, 2019 2:22AM in SOA Suite Discusssions


I have a weird requirement. I want to convert <soapenv:Header xmlns:typ=""> to <soapenv:Header/> in OSB. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.



  • Martien van den Akker
    Martien van den Akker Member Posts: 2,776 Bronze Crown
    edited Oct 22, 2019 2:22AM


    This is not so much a conversion, rather then just filtering out  a namespace declaration. I'm not sure how, somewhere there have been an assign, insert or replace activity that set a header element within that namespace.

    If you do not need the namespace, you could try to remove it from the namespaces list.


    Find a potential activity, or add one and in the expresson builder, open the tab Napespaces, find the namespace an delete it. In this screendump the delete button is greyed out, since these are all System namespaces.

    You may have to search for it, because probably the particular activity may not be there anymore. And the namespace might be registered at different stages. At least in 11g (I'm not sure about 12c) they were registered at stage or route level. So, they could be at several places.

    You might open the pipeline file in an ASCII editor like Notepad++ to search for it. This might help you to know at what region it is registered. You might remove it manually, but this is of course not supported.