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Invalid objects found; can't seem to make them valid

user1679544 Member Posts: 1
edited Nov 19, 2019 2:39AM in Enterprise Manager

Noticed in my Oracle database that I have a lot of invalid objects that I can't make valid.  How do I deal with this?

SQL> select owner, object_name, object_type from all_objects where status = 'INVALID' order by 1, 2;

OWNER                OBJECT_NAME                              OBJECT_TYPE

-------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----------------------

CTXSYS               CTX_DDL                                  PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               CTX_REPORT                               PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRIDOC                                   PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRILOAD                                  PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRIREP                                   PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRIREPM                                  PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRIXMD                                   PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRVDDL                                   PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRVDOC                                   PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRVIMR                                   PACKAGE BODY

CTXSYS               DRVLSB                                   PACKAGE BODY

DBSNMP               BSLN                                     PACKAGE BODY

DBSNMP               BSLN_INTERNAL                            PACKAGE BODY

DVSYS                DBA_DV_CODE                              VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_COMMAND_RULE                      VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_FACTOR                            VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_FACTOR_LINK                       VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_FACTOR_TYPE                       VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_IDENTITY                          VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_IDENTITY_MAP                      VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_MAC_POLICY                        VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_MAC_POLICY_FACTOR                 VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_REALM                             VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_REALM_AUTH                        VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_REALM_OBJECT                      VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_ROLE                              VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_RULE                              VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_RULE_SET                          VIEW

DVSYS                DBA_DV_RULE_SET_RULE                     VIEW

DVSYS                DBMS_MACADM                              PACKAGE BODY

DVSYS                DBMS_MACOLS_SESSION                      PACKAGE BODY

DVSYS                DBMS_MACSEC                              PACKAGE BODY

DVSYS                DBMS_MACSEC_RULES                        PACKAGE BODY

DVSYS                DBMS_MACUTL                              PACKAGE BODY

DVSYS                DV$CODE                                  VIEW

DVSYS                DV$COMMAND_RULE                          VIEW

DVSYS                DV$FACTOR                                VIEW

DVSYS                DV$FACTOR_LINK                           VIEW

DVSYS                DV$FACTOR_TYPE                           VIEW

DVSYS                DV$IDENTITY                              VIEW

DVSYS                DV$IDENTITY_MAP                          VIEW

DVSYS                DV$MAC_POLICY                            VIEW

DVSYS                DV$MAC_POLICY_FACTOR                     VIEW

DVSYS                DV$REALM                                 VIEW

DVSYS                DV$REALM_AUTH                            VIEW

DVSYS                DV$REALM_OBJECT                          VIEW

DVSYS                DV$ROLE                                  VIEW

DVSYS                DV$RULE                                  VIEW

DVSYS                DV$RULE_SET                              VIEW

DVSYS                DV$RULE_SET_RULE                         VIEW

DVSYS                DVLANG                                   FUNCTION

DVSYS                KU$_DV_COMMAND_RULE_VIEW                 VIEW

DVSYS                KU$_DV_ISRM_VIEW                         VIEW

DVSYS                KU$_DV_REALM_AUTH_VIEW                   VIEW

DVSYS                KU$_DV_REALM_MEMBER_VIEW                 VIEW



LBACSYS              LBAC_SYSDBA                              PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_ADMIN                                PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_CS                                   PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_GEOR                                 PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_GEOR_AGGR                            PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_MIGRATE                              PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_NET                                  PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_NETWORK_MANAGER_I                    TYPE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_NET_PARTITION                        PACKAGE

MDSYS                SDO_NET_PARTITION                        PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_OLS                                  PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_PC_PKG                               PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_ROUTER_PARTITION                     PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_TIN_PKG                              PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_UTIL                                 PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_WFS_LOCK                             PACKAGE BODY

MDSYS                SDO_WFS_PROCESS                          PACKAGE BODY

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_CODE                              SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_COMMAND_RULE                      SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_FACTOR                            SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_FACTOR_LINK                       SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_FACTOR_TYPE                       SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_IDENTITY                          SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_IDENTITY_MAP                      SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_MAC_POLICY                        SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_MAC_POLICY_FACTOR                 SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_REALM                             SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_REALM_AUTH                        SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_REALM_OBJECT                      SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_ROLE                              SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_RULE                              SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_RULE_SET                          SYNONYM

PUBLIC               DBA_DV_RULE_SET_RULE                     SYNONYM

SYS                  MULTI_CUSTOMER                           PACKAGE

SYSTEM               DBMS_REPCAT_AUTH                         PACKAGE BODY

WMSYS                LTADM                                    PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_CLOBUTIL                            PACKAGE

XDB                  DBMS_CLOBUTIL                            PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_CSX_INT                             PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XDB                                 PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XDBRESOURCE                         PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XDBT                                PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XDBUTIL_INT                         PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XDBZ0                               PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XDB_ADMIN                           PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XDB_CONTENT                         PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XDB_REPOS                           PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XMLDOM                              PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XMLPARSER                           PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XMLSCHEMA                           PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XMLSTORAGE_MANAGE                   PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR                        PACKAGE BODY

XDB                  XIMETADATA_PKG                           PACKAGE BODY

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