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Is DynDNS Pro really for personal use only!?

deejinoz Member Posts: 6 Red Ribbon
edited Apr 2, 2020 5:51AM in Dyn Community

A little background, before the punch line... I am an IT pro that has been using DynDNS for over a decade. Until recently, I have predominantly been using only the DynDNS clients built into routers. Normally without too many issues. As I'm sure we're all too aware, with current events in the world, regarding COVID-19 and the way in which it has meant the global workforce has only just become more remote. I have had to spend more time than usual, of late, getting people set up to be able to VPN or RDP into their office to work. In some cases, this has ended up with me having to use the Dyn Updater client, which allows me to lock down VPN or RDP endpoints to specific Dyn hosts for user that are tethering (in most cases) through their mobile devices, to get into the work VPN. Please, no lectures about this solution and its appropriateness for this scenario. Believe me, for some people, this is the best outcome for their scenario.

And this is where it gets interesting (for those of you that have stuck around)...

I have noticed that the Dyn Updater seems to show all my DynDNS hosts in every installation of the updater!!!!? This kind of unnecessary exposure just makes me nervous, looks unprofessional and is not the sort of thing you would expect in a professional (commercial) product, as my DynDNS Pro subscription would suggest it is.

So, I raised this issue with the support team, to which they have replied... "Yes, it's by design. The service is meant for personal use."

If this is the kind of response we are to expect from a company charging premium rates for a "personal use" only product, then I would like to ask the community, is there any point in trying to see if Oracle will listen or should I just cut my losses, cancel my subscription and look elsewhere? In which case, can anybody here make any recommendations, for a company that does offer a real, professional dynamic DNS service?



  • RotBlitz
    RotBlitz Member Posts: 149 Red Ribbon
    edited Apr 2, 2020 5:51AM

    Dyn's answer is correct.  The DynDNS Pro / Remote Access service was designed for personal or SMB use, never to provide services to third parties.  Your concerns regarding the functionality of the Dyn Updater confirms this as well.  Dyn used to offer an appropriate service called Managed DNS, but this is now Oracle's OCI which doesn't do the same thing, because it does not support the usual kind of Dynamic DNS.

    You can make your environments a bit more secure by not using the Dyn Updater software (again, this is for personal use), but another update client like the built-in client in routers, DVRs, NASs, IP cameras, etc.  Or another software like Marc's Updater.  Also, you better use the Client Updater Key instead of your account's password for the update clients.

    If you are looking for an alternative provider of such services where you can configure update credentials per hostname, you would have to register an own domain and to use a DNS hosting service like for your domain.  This and other services have even a free option.