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Dyn Account is not showing my paid Service

42842944284294 Posts: 2
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I was having an account in dyn.com

i have purchased DynDNS pro for 1 year for 55$ and using it since January 2020

from june 19 th 2020 onwards the account is not showing my service over there for DynDNS Pro
the account is now like a newly created account.
i was mailing the support since then.
no reply is getting from them
my paid Service is not there so i am not able to contact their technical support directly.
only having an email id [email protected] nothing else.
and i have already send lot more mails to that email id to check my account,
not even a single reply.
even i tried the [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Can Anyone here help me about this
if the mail ids i used to send my issue is not the correct one please advice me.




  • Michael.R.Taylor-OracleMichael.R.Taylor-Oracle Posts: 254 Employee
    edited July 9

    Hi @4284294,

    If you can DM me with your ticket number you received when contacting support, I can follow up with them on your behalf. I have added you as a friend here, please accept and then you can send me the DM. If you have an invoice number for your January purchase please include that as well.


    Oracle + Dyn

  • 42842944284294 Posts: 2
    edited July 13

    I DM you the details 
    please advice.

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