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CDOM only shows as iLOM in Ops Center and refuses deletion

etmsreec Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
edited Jul 22, 2020 12:25PM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center


I have a T5-2 server that I'm trying to re-add to Ops Center, having removed it several years ago to pass to another business unit.  It had previously been removed from Ops Center successfully, and no trace of it remained in Ops Center.

It's had a new OS installation, and firmware upgrade, albeit back to the same level as the other server in the pool.

My problem is that the server only shows up in the Assets pane as the iLOM - the OVM SPARC and OS icons don't appear.

I have tried reinstalling the OS, re-registering the agent, and none of that helps.

I also tried to remove the asset, this morning, but that gives me an error:

Could not delete service tag association object:

satellite/com.sun.hss.domain:name="urn:st:SPARC_T5-2:<MACAddress>",type=ServiceTag.  It has already been deleted. (86014)

I really just want it back in Ops Center so that I can add it into the pool and deploy LDoms!

Any ideas please?