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Patch Set Support (International CAB)

Tmicheli-Oracle Member Posts: 24 Red Ribbon
edited Jan 11, 2016 5:52PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

Oracle has recently defined a clear patch set release and support policy. This states that the first major release of a version (e.g. 12.1) will have only 2 patch sets and the second major release (e.g 12.2) will have 4 patch sets.  The problem is that between the terminal patch sets of 12.1 and 12.2, there will be many years apart. might be only released in 5 or 6 years from now. Customers will need to have a YS defined in the meantime with at least one of the "middle" patch sets (e.g. However, as this is a mid patch set, the support lifetime for it will be limited.

  • Customers will struggle to have all estate migrated to this version within this timeframe and having to migrate to it and then off if in 3 years is absolutely unrealistic.

The ask for Oracle is to have at least one of the middle patchsets with a longer support lifetime.

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  • Tmicheli-Oracle
    Tmicheli-Oracle Member Posts: 24 Red Ribbon

    We, Oracle are working on our internal process as to how to evaluate and prioritize the IDEAS submitted.  But the more votes obviously the more priority we will put on the request.  However votes/popularity alone will not determine the priority.

    As we move through the process the IDEA will change stages: (not in flow order)

    - Active

    - Already Offered

    - Archived

    - Coming Soon

    - For Future Consideration

    - in Progress

    - Partially Implemented

    - Under Review