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Unable to start the Extract process and no error are captured in the GGSERR.Log File

I am trying to configure GoldenGate replication from 11g Source Oracle DB in on-prim to 12c Target Oracle DB in AWS Cloud RDS Oracle DB Instance.

I have installed a Oracle GoldenGate both 11g and 12c , after logged in with the ggadmin user, and registered the Extract with the below command

register extract ext1, database

When I start the extract process, it was not starting and no errors are captured in the ggserr,log File except the below lines.

OGG-00963 Oracle GoldenGate Manager for Oracle, MGR.prm: Command received from GGSCI on host [Fsse::ered:2323:6445:6565]:xxxxx (START EXTRACT EXT1 ).

OGG-00975 Oracle GoldenGate Manager for Oracle, MGR.prm: EXTRACT EXT1 starting.

​info extract ext1

EXTRACT  EXT1 Initialized 2020-11-11 03:53 Status STOPPED

Checkpoint Lag   00:00:00 (updated 00:23:22 ago)

Log Read Checkpoint Oracle Integrated Redo Logs           

2020-11-11 03:53:16          

SCN 0.0 (0)