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How to use dyndns on mikrotik router

I just registered the free trial of dyndns and I want to try it on my mikrotik router with OS 6.4. Can anyone guide me on how to set it up for file sharing anywhere I am?



  • Hi @User_ZHW6G ,

    Unfortunately not familiar with the mikrotik router configuration, I would recommend contacting their support to get assistance specfic to their device. that said, the general setup for your device is... 

    -Service: ( DNS/Dyn) 

    -Domain: (this isn’t always an option, but this would be the domain of your hostname) 

    -Host: (if the host you are updating is a subdomain, like they are in Dynamic DNS Pro, this will be the full hostname). 

    -Server Address:

    -Username: Your username 

    -Password: Your password or updater client key. You can see if you have generated an updater client key by going to My Account > Account Settings at

    Once those fields are completed, your device should start updating the IP automatically once it changes.


    Dyn + Oracle