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Change default port 9502 bi_server1 to 80 for OBIEE 12c

OBIEE: Oracle Business Intelligence

Installing on Windows Server 2012 R2


I have problem with change default port form 9502 to 80.

I change in Weblogic Server Administraion Console 12c in Server - bi_server1 - Listening Port set to 80 (from 9502). Next SAVE and Active Changes.

It is working but I can't use status.cmd --- I only se first line for AdminServer and status RUNNING but next lines for biserver and bi components not show.

I can't go into bi_server1 in Weblogic COnsole - it's not loading...

I think than node manager can't connect with biserver and i can't see status, start/stop biserver nad components.

Can anyone help me? Maybe I must change port 9502 to 80 in some file?