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(xClbraUserList:isSelected) the colon is invalid name in WSDL

Rana Akkoub
Rana Akkoub Member Posts: 38 Bronze Badge


I want to use FLD_Porpagate service , but when i add xMEtadat:isSelected its give in soap invalid metada on colon

requestData.putLocal("IdcService", "FLD_PROPAGATE");

       requestData.putLocal("fFolderGUID", folderGUID);

       requestData.putLocal("xClbraUserList:isSelected", "1");

       requestData.putLocal("xClbraUserList", xClbraUserList);

       requestData.putLocal("isForced:isSelected", "1");

       return sendRequest(requestData);



  • If you are trying to trigger some rules / profiles from this action using WSDL then it wouldn't work that way since the triggers are only applicable for actions from UI.

    But, otherwise what exactly is the issue with the code / wsdl , can you please elaborate?

  • Rana Akkoub
    Rana Akkoub Member Posts: 38 Bronze Badge

    i go to UCM_server1 under WSDL and i create new service FLD_Propegate

    in request parameter i add

    1-fFolderGUID string

    2- xClbraUserList string

    3- xClbraUserList:isSelected boolean

    and then i generate WSDLand try to use it from SOAP .

    But in SOAP ; when i import the WSDL its give me the following error:

    invalid parameter name xClbraUserList:isSelected

    How i create WSDL hane the request oarameter (xClbraUserList:isSelected)

  • WSDL will not recognize that as a parameter since it is a UI related parameter to be used in Rules.