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Data mismatch in web form and smartview

User_CO3C0 Member Posts: 111 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 4, 2021 9:22AM in Planning and Budgeting


I am on Hyperion on prem and the issue is related to planning application. I am actually looking the data through web form for a particular intersection and the value is say "x" and when i pull the data for the same intersection through SmartView by adhoc analysis the value is "y".

I have verified the intersection multiple times to make sure i am looking at the same combination but data seems to be different I am not sure how can be the data look different for same combination.

PS: I have tried clear the application and reloaded all the data and ran necessary aggregations just to make sure data is not corrupted.

Any thoughts will be really helpful.



  • Rahul S
    Rahul S Practice Director - EPM Member Posts: 1,777 Gold Trophy

    Here are some questions might help you in narrowing down the issue:

    Is this happening just for one combination?

    What's the data type of member you are looking at?

    Is the combination level 0?

    Is the member in question stored or dynamic calc?

    Please post a screen shot comparing two as well.


    Rahul S.

  • AL.
    AL. Member Posts: 265 Blue Ribbon

    It's not possible to have different data for same intersection combination.

    Carefully check the webform through smartview, you can transform the webform to an adhoc by clicking on "Analize" button to review the full intersection (maybe the webform has some hidden dimension).

    Also check if the webform and the adhoc are pointing to the samecube.

    Best Regards,