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DynDNS and remote access with Dynamic IP

We used remote.domainFQDN to access our server which had a static IP. An A record at out domain name host provide was created with remote.domainFQDN having the static IP. The common name in the SSL was remote.domainFQDN. Worked beautifully

We now have a dynamic IP from the ISP. We signed up with dynDNS Pro and created a hostname DynDNS updater is installed on hte server and is updating regularly, as it should..

I do not know how to configure the A record at the domain hosting provider for a dynamic IP and what common name to use for the SSL, remote.domainFQDN or



  • RotBlitz
    RotBlitz Member Posts: 149 Red Ribbon

    You can get a certificate only for a domain you own, not for a DynDNS host name.

    You could create a CNAME record at your domain registration to point it at your host name, but certificates may still not work.