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Installed DRM 11.2.4 with EPM / Web Services


We installed DRM 11.2.4 with EPM Systems and configured Web Services / API Adapter etc. successfully. Web Services is successfully tested from Administration Console and Enterprise Manager. Further, all the setups for Oracle EBS Load from DRM is done on the Oracle EBS R12 successfully including profile options, Epm Admin password in the FND Vault, etc.

However, when we run the concurrent program in Oracle EBS to load DRM Hierarchies, we receive the error:

"Unable to fetch list of versions from DRM"

We confirmed both Oracle EBS as well as DRM and EPM setups based on Oracle documentation but not sure why the above mentioned error is coming.

Any help would be appreciated!




  • Vasantha Kumar
    Vasantha Kumar Member Posts: 64 Bronze Badge

    Hi Rahim,

    After the configuration and setup, was the DRM service restarted from the DRM configuration console? Also after DRM is up, make sure the DRM web service is also restarted.

    Also refer to "Concurrent Job Load with DRM To EBS GL Integration Completed With Errors (Doc ID 1643092.1)."



    Anand Thota