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Oracle GoldenGate replication configuration - How to verify the

User_4YK6V Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

Hi all!

I have a schema.table1 with, among others, a field called "status" that can assume 'P' or 'A' or 'R' values.

I want all the records to be processed via Oracle GoldenGate replication except the updates of the field "status" in value 'A' or value 'P' if in the target schema.table1 the field "status" already contains the value 'R'.

In other words:

If target status is 'A' or 'P' accept the update of the entire transaction, else if target status is 'R' then accept only updates with status='R' and discard updates that would lead to 'A' or 'P' status.

I have a replicat that has a wildcard:

MAP schema.*, TARGET schema.*