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I have an issue with the Downloadrpd in OBIEE

When I issue the downloadrpd / uploadrpd cmd it gives a "Successfull" message though, but still when while checking errorlevel it shows 1.

Kindly help. Its urgent


  • If this is urgent, please raise an SR: This forum is a free community platform and not a support channel and all participants are freely donating their private time.

    Also: If you have an urgent issue, then please commit as much time to writing your question in a detailed and pertinent way which is understandable for others. Spend at least as much time a you expect that others pass on this to help you provide a solution. If you spend 10 seconds on writing a vague and ill-defined question like the one above, then people will spend that same time looking at it and then abandon the thread. Nobody except you is sitting in front of your screen. We can't know your system. We can't know what you did.

    What exactly did you do? Why don't you post the exact command and output?

    Please use common sense and courtesy when posting to the forums. You're expecting answers and help. Please show that you're not just coming here and dump a question in the sense of "Do my homework for me for free".

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    Thank you so much. That answered my question...