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Any feature available to save User settings in ASH analytics page in OEM

User_T31D2 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Hello All,

Any feature available to save user settings in ASH analytics page in OEM

Example :

In OEM home page--> search for database-->select database -->

  1. select performance --> performance hub -->ash analytics --> performance hub homepage opens with ash analytics
  2. select activity time range for 1 hour
  3. in the average active sessions graph --> select Top Dimension : User session 
  4. in activity table, from drop down list --> select "session identifier" --> select "program"

we have above settings always we use to monitor sql performance.

we wants feature to save all the above selections instead of setting every time. 

Currently after arranging all these selections when we click on any user session ID, its navigating to User session details page.. then when we select Back button all the previous selections are gone to Default 

Is there Feature available to save all the setting ?