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Users missing group membership after they are synced

We have integration between Broadcom (earlier CA) Identity Manager r14 and OUD

Users are provisioned to OUD as well as the are given group membership. One particular group which has problem, even after we sync the users to this group, the users group memeberhsip rolls back (I am tyring to find a pattern but still struggling)

Users are made members to other groups as well but only this one particualr group gets members rolled back.

What coudl be the reason ?

I had thought the following but without success:

  1. Size of membership is pretty high around 40k users but Oracle support says no such limit
  2. corrupt user objects - there are users which do not get rolled back so I rmeoved them manually thinking there might eb something but no success
  3. I checked the policies in OUSDm but no failures there