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How Oracle manages LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1

user7672166 Member Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon

Sometimes you get so deep into something, you get all confused.

In the init.ora there is the parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1. This points to the destination where Oracle writes archived redo logs, correct? How is this different from the RMAN location:

backup archivelog all

 format '/backup/oracle/rman/archive/archive_ora_NI00_%Y%M%D_%p_%s_%U.rman'

 tag daily_backup

 filesperset 1

 delete all input;

Reason I am asking is: we have a process which looks into LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1, and once or twice a day logs are disappearing from that location, causing the process to abort. So, somehow, Oracle must be managing what is in that location?

After running the RMAN command, does it move logs from LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 to the RMAN backup location, then remove them from LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1?


  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,778 Gold Crown

    log_archive_dest_(n) is where the archive logs are written.

    format '/backup/oracle/rman/archive/archive_ora_NI00_%Y%M%D_%p_%s_%U.rman' is where the backups (of the archivelogs) are written.

    'delete all input' option of the BACKUP ARCHIVELOG, directs rman to delete the archivelogs _after_ they are successfully backed up;

    So your archivelogs are being deleted by your backup job, with the inclusion of the 'delete all input'. And this is a good thing, to keep your archivelog destination from filling up and causing the database to 'freeze'. This is standard practice, good housekeeping.

    So what is this mysterious "process which looks into LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1"? What is it doing? Why is it getting upset that your archivelogs are being deleted?