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Oracle Linux 8 Drivers for LAN and Graphics

Amin Adatia
Amin Adatia Member Posts: 361 Bronze Badge

The issue that we are having is getting Linux Graphics driver & Ethernet Lan driver installed into system. I've already tried all commands to update drivers & kernel in terminal but failed. It says everything is up to date but when searching the specific hardware driver it says Intel UHD 630 UNCLAIMED (meaning not installed?).

How do I get Linux drivers or download drivers for Asus Tuf gaming B560M- PLUS Wi-Fi that is paired with Intel I7-10700.

Best Answer

  • David Gilpin-Oracle
    David Gilpin-Oracle Principal Product Manager, Oracle Linux and Virtualization Frisco, TXPosts: 55 Employee
    Answer ✓

    Try switching to the RHCK instead of the UEK. The RHCK ships with different drivers enabled, see if that helps. To accomplish this boot Oracle Linux and wait for the grub2 boot screen. Quickly (using the arrow keys on your keyboard) select the highest numbered 4.18.0-305 kernel shown on the grub2 menu then press ENTER.

    If that works please let us know here.