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Knowledgebase for Oracle Linux.

Nik Member Posts: 2,853 Bronze Crown


In case I use Redhat Linux and have support subscription I can use portal:

For example:

In case Oracle support - I have access to portal

But I can not find same docs.

As Oracle Linux can use same kernel, I can expect that Oracle Linux have same problem, but can not find it on and can not read it on as I do not have RedHat subscription.

Where located knowledge base for Oracle Linux ?





  • Ehsan Fathi
    Ehsan Fathi Member Posts: 16 Green Ribbon

    Hello My friend.

    You can find Oracle linux Document and learn basic knowledge via below link:

  • Nik
    Nik Member Posts: 2,853 Bronze Crown

    Hi. is really good portal, but my questions about troubleshooting some problems...

    For example, You have some problems with Multipathing. I ask google: "multipath linux hangs"

    First two answers- links to private parts of RedHat portal.

    I expect that this solutions can be applied to OL to, but can not read without RedHat support.

    Even I have support for Oracle Linux - I can not find same docs.

    Of course, I can open SR for my problem, but it's lost huge time.



  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,611 Gold Crown

    Despite the fact that OL is derived from RH, I would not expect a one-to-one mapping of their documentation. If you get stuck with a specific problem, why not just ask about it here? We appreciate you attempt at due-diligence and self-help (really, we do!) but at the end of the day, the entire reason this space exists is to help people with specific problems.