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import date into EPM

A.Nababteh Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited Nov 12, 2021 4:21PM in Financial Data Management

Dear Gurus,

i am trying to import a date format from fusion report into EPM could, but i found the below message in the log, and number of lines shows the number of rejected records:

[TC] - [Amount=NN] P_EMP,68131,"electronic technician Average",052,0121,052029,1001,DIRECT,25-03-2019,24-03-2022,1,Male,4,2420,,,56.47,650,4407,4389,,,,, 

[TC] - [Amount=NN] P_EMP,7950,"General Manager",052,0121,052001,1001,INDIRECT,24-08-2010,23-08-2022,1,Male,17,60000,10000,,900,650,314151,621926,,,,, 

2021-11-12 15:10:40,429 INFO [AIF]: EPMFDM-140274:Message - Rows Loaded: 0

Rows Rejected: 2016

I got a warning in "transform and stage balance data to export

and complete the data successfully in "export data to planning application", and the data doesn't shown in the data load workbench and the system form

note: the file type in import format : delimited - numeric data

Please advice

Thank you.


  • User_QD9SJ
    User_QD9SJ Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    the issue has been resolved by creating a new import format with file type "all data type".

    then mapping the source column with the data column in target application.

    and assign the currency in the target application, then continue the steps normally

    Thank you all.