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Display Latest month in Web Studio Report

RJeff Member Posts: 11 Green Ribbon


Is there a way to display the latest month as the first column in a web studio report?

I've tried several things but it always displays the 1st month first. So for example i am pulling Jan-Jun. I want Jun to be first column, then May, etc. I am trying to create a 12 months rolling report, but needs the latest month to be in the 1st column.

Is this possible?

Any insights is greatly appreciated!!



  • Stu G-Oracle
    Stu G-Oracle Member Posts: 59 Employee


    This is a tricky one as if the definition is in a single column I think it will always display in outline order from left to right. Do you want the entire report to run in reverse or is it just the first column that you want to be the latest month and then the remaining columns to run in outline order?

    Have you looked at the Sort options? If this is the now older FR studio there are options to sort that you can set at the grid level

    To get this to work you might need to have a value associated to each period so that you can sort using that (if you select the drop down where the above shows Period Heading it gives the option to choose a row of data. It is common to have a Calendar or Fiscal period index member in Planning these days (comes out of the box with the modules application type).

    If you are using Narrative Reporting or the new embedded Reports (effectively the MR report type from Narrative that is now embedded into the EPM business process applications) then there is a Sort tab on the right hand side.

    The above setting combined with the Fiscal TP-Index member in row 1 gives this display where this application fiscal year runs April - March.

    For a true rolling 12 months you will likely also need to get into having two columns to split the years and conditional suppression if you want it to be a truly dynamic report but hopefully this will get you started.



  • RJeff
    RJeff Member Posts: 11 Green Ribbon