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Understanding Oracle performance tuning query

Yockee Member Posts: 24 Green Ribbon

I am having hard time in understanding oracle tuning parameters. It seem that the information is in bit and pieces.

For example, query about V$SESSTAT, joined with other tables. Here is the query :

select   ss.username,   se.SID,  se.VALUE/100 cpu_usage_seconds,


from   v$session ss,  v$sesstat se,  v$statname sn

where   se.STATISTIC# = sn.STATISTIC#

and   NAME like '%CPU used by this session%'

and   se.SID = ss.SID

and   ss.status='ACTIVE'

and   ss.username is not null

order by VALUE desc; [I attached the table below]

In another query : SELECT Logon_time,

    (SELECT ROUND (VALUE / 1024 / 1024, 2)

     FROM v$sesstat

     WHERE STATISTIC# = 35 AND v$sesstat.SID = v$session.sid)

     AS "PGA Memory, in MB",


     FROM v$sesstat

     WHERE STATISTIC# = 17 AND v$sesstat.SID = v$session.sid)

     AS "CPU, used by session",


         FROM v$sesstat

         WHERE STATISTIC# = 584 AND v$sesstat.SID = v$session.sid)

       / (SELECT DECODE (VALUE, 0, 1, VALUE)

          FROM v$sesstat

         WHERE STATISTIC# = 583 AND v$sesstat.SID = v$session.sid),


     AS "Hard Parse, %",

    (SELECT ROUND (VALUE / 1024 / 1024, 2)

     FROM v$sesstat

     WHERE STATISTIC# = 83 AND v$sesstat.SID = v$session.sid)

     AS "Physical read bytes, in MB", ... [i cut the query deliberately]

  1. In the first query, How does one know that the "se.value" has to be divided by 100 to give the result in "second" ? Whats the unit of the original "se.value" ?
  2. In the second query, the VALUE is sometimes presented as it is and sometimes divided by 1024^2. How does one know the unit of such values ?
  3. Where can I find a complete guide on "what is the unit of the value for what parameter" ? It seems the VALUEs have different unit for different parameters

I am using Oracle 12c