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ImEx4VM - VM Import/Export for KVM, VirtualBox and OCI

Some time ago I wrote an article "ova2vm - Import and Setup an OVA Guest VM Format Template into KVM & VirtualBox" speaking about 'ova2vm' tool as solution to deploy an OVA Guest VM Format Template on Oracle Linux KVM (OL-KVM) or on Oracle VirtualBox

As ova2vm has been enhanced a lot.... Ive decided to change the name to "ImEx4VM"


Using ImEx4VM tool you can import an OVA (open virtual appliance) format template into KVM [Kernel-based Virtual Machine] or [Oracle Virtualbox] within "1-click" without any manual conversion. ImEx4VM is not only importing an OVA template in the target provider (KVM or Virtualbox) but leveraging on [cloud-init] it will make the guest VM setup (user, password, sshkey, network configuration) automatically for you. Using ImEx4VM you can also import-from/export-to a KVM/VirtulBox guest VM on OCI [Oracle Cloud Infrastructure] as Compute Instance leveraging on [OCI_Client]. ImEx4VM can be used to export a guest VM as OVA.

ImEx4VM Verbs

With ImEx4VM following operation are now possible:

  • - listvm - to list the guest VM
  • - import - to import from OVA or OCI
  • - export2oci - to export to OCI
  • - export2ova - to export to OVA template
  • - make - to make the cloud-init configuration

How to get IMEX4VM

You can get the tool from the MOS article:

KVM/VirtualBox: ImEx4VM - VM Import/Export for KVM, VirtualBox and OCI (DocID: 2284806.1)


  • User_JVBBI
    User_JVBBI Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

    Hi Ruggero,

    Thanks for your article and your tool.

    Am facing an issue when trying to export an OCI compute to KVM. Bellow is the output of log file.

    2021-10-01 13:00:01: Checking OCI compartment-id existence
    2021-10-01 13:00:01: Executing cmd: /root/bin/oci iam compartment list --profile DEFAULT
    2021-10-01 13:00:02: Command output:
    > Usage: oci iam compartment list [OPTIONS]
    > Error: Missing option(s) --compartment-id. ,
    >End Command output

    Thanks for giving me an idea how to fix this.

    Best regards

  • User738335-Oracle
    User738335-Oracle Member Posts: 1 Employee

    Same as above. If my compartment is a subcompartment it can't find it