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After a Migration from OBIEE into the Oracle Analytics Cloud: Get the dataset migrated too?

tri_pastra Member Posts: 15 Green Ribbon

 Hey there, 

I have recently done a migration with the OBIEE into the oracle analytics cloud. I used the data 

from the Oracle BIEE 12c SampleApp v607 as use case. There are several visualizations in the SampleApp.

For example:

When I try to access the shown visualization in the Oracle Analytics Cloud on the other hand, I get an error message. It couldn't find the dataset "OBIEE - Sample Sales" (inside the red circle) as you can see in the OBIEE.

Therefore, I am wondering if this is the normal case, that the dataset from the OBIEE don't get migrated too?  Or did I miss some options?

Best regards, Pascal


  • Christian Berg-0racle
    Christian Berg-0racle Everything Analytics And Data Member Posts: 9,654 Gold Crown

    a) Yes, data sets are migrated.

    b) But the whole question is: What IS that data set really?

    c) What "error message" do you get? Without that we can't tell you anything because we can't know. You're the only one sitting in front of your system and able to see it.