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OL8 Gnome desktop shortcuts?

Fuinha_Azul Member Posts: 7 Blue Ribbon

Hi there!

I need to create simple desktop shortcuts for some applications on OL8 using the default desktop interface (gnome). I tried everything (gnome tweak, .desktop file on diferent folders, ...) but I was unable to create it.

Any hints?



  • Petr Hadraba
    Petr Hadraba Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon


    First of all, I'm not an expert, but anyway. Icons on Desktop are disabled by default. This needs to be enabled in Tweaks: Extensions -> Desktop icons. If the extension is not available, it can be installed from Software (additional Gnome extensions are in EPEL or AppStream repos, if I remember correctly).

    Next, you need to have (or create) a .desktop file which launches the desired application. If you're about to create your own, put it in ~/.local/share/applications/ directory. The folder is monitored by Gnome and any change is immediately visible in Activities -> Show Applications.

    To create a clickable desktop icon just make a symlink of the .desktop file in ~/Desktop/ directory. It will appear immediately as text-file-like icon. Right click on it and select Allow Launching. From now on double-clicking the icon launches the application.

    Regarding the .desktop file. The absolute minimum I found is:

    [Desktop Entry]


    Name=<Display Mame>




    This seems to be sufficient.

    As you can see it is non-invasive setup (apart of the Gnome Extension).

    Give it a try and let as know if it works.