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Can't boot UEK after update: initramfs unpacking, invalid magic - UEK compression libs chaged?

Edward M
Edward M Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon

After the latest dnf update, which included new dracut (049-202.git20220511.0.1.el8_6) and UEK versions (5.4.17-2136.309.4.el8uek), all UEK kernels will not boot, resulting in a kernel panic caused by the inability to unpack initramfs:

Initfamfs unpacking failed: invalid magic at start of compressed archive

Rebuilding initramfs with different dracut compression options doesn't seem to work (tried gzip, bzip2, xz, lz4, lzo, zstd)

Linux kernels seem to boot fine, so I'd think dracut is not at issue, however UEK kernels that used to boot no longer do, which does seem to point back to dracut although all it does is call an external compression command.

I prefer not to get mired in dnf downgrade problems (previous version was I think 049-191.git20210920.0.2.el8). Any ideas how to get UEK kernel able to unpack the initramfs image files?

(PS - Sorry, mods - not sure if this will be duplicate post; previous one disappeared when trying to edit it so I re-posted)


Best Answer

  • Edward M
    Edward M Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon
    edited Oct 25, 2022 7:03AM Answer ✓

    Seems to be fixed as of at least Grub version 2.02-123.0.10.el8_6.8 (grub2-install --version reports 2.03)

    Lack of authoritative help here makes one reconsider O/S choice