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New in Hyperion

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edited Oct 26, 2007 4:32AM in Hyperion Query and Reporting

I'm a new in oce stuff.. I'm like connect a excel datasheet with Hyperion IR 9.3. I have successfully connect with a MySQL 5 database via ODBC, but I can't do with excel datasheet. Where I obtain a tutorial or help?




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    Hello lgala;

    How you doing? Well, you can import your excel sheet by using the import from file menu. But if you need to connect to an excel sheet as a data source, then you can use ODBC to perform it.
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    You can find out some sample bqy at .


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    Go to File Menu--->Inport Data--->From File in Hyperion IR
    and select the xls file which you want to use.
    Note:- There is no need to create the DSN for this.
    Hope it will help you

    Mohit Jain
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    I am new in Hyperion. Currently given the task to de-install the old version and to migrate to a new Version During the process of up-grading, an error message came up under "Sever" that says "Key Software\Hyperion Solutions\Enterprise\Current\InstallDir does not exist".

    I thought probably during the process of installation, I had performed something wrong and wanted to un-install Hyperion Enterprise, the program itself via Add or Remove program, but the same error message came up. Thus making the uninstallation unsuccessful.

    Anyone has the same experience as me could kindly assist in this matter as I could not move forward with the installation.
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