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Data Load from SAP into HFM and Planning

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edited May 9, 2010 7:02PM in Financial Consolidation
Hi all intellectuals,

Need your expertise to find a pathway.

I got stuck at a point where i was asked to load data into HFM and Planning application running simultaneously from SAP. The data loading process should be smart enough so that no human intervention should be there and scheduling is also required.

I have no idea about SAP, now can anyone suggest me on how to resolve the mentioned problem.

Do i have to use any Hyperion tool or is it possible without any Hyperion tool. I will be happy if you are suggesting any Hyperion tool then please give some idea on how to load data from the hyperion tool mentioned by you.
A logic can help me lot in finding pathway towards the solution.

Thanx in advance,

HFM / Planning consultant


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    Hi Abishek,

    I suggest you to use Hyperion tool to load data from external resources.

    There is a simple way to Load data into Hyperion Enterprise from External sources, but i am not sure how to load data into HFM / Hyperion Planning.

    Infact we are loading data from Agresso to Hyperion Enterprise.

    To know about the procedure to "How to load data into Hyperion Enterprise", Please visit the site

    I think my article will give you a better idea to think about how to load data into HFM / Planning.
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    Hi Ajay,

    I am glad to see response from your side.

    I have gone through the link you provided and came to know that you are loading data into Hyperion Enterprise. The process talks specifically about Hyperion Enterprise data load process.

    SAP an ERP will not allow me to access DATABASE and TABLES and even i don't know which tables and which Fields in Table are relevant for me for a data load process.

    Anyway i am glad to have your reply on the problem. Thanx once again

    I am looking forward for a reply which atleast guide me on the process of data load from SAP to HFM/Planning.

    HFM and Planning Consultant
  • The normal route is to obtain a flat file extract from the ERP.

    For Planning, being an Essbase-based tool, my thought is that source data would need to arrive in a delimited format, with all data dimension labels present and aligned with the Essbase cube's leaf-level membernames.

    For HFM you can follow substantially the same process, or use Hyperion's FDM mapping and process-management tool.Unfortunately FDM does not at this stage talk to Planning.


    John hawkins
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    You could use HAL to load both HFM and Planning \ Essbase. For Essbase, you'll probably have to use a combination of HAL and MAXL scripting if you want it automated.
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    Hi Abhishek,

    There are multiple methods of loading data into HFM and planning from SAP
    1. Load *.dat using HFM and planning
    2. Using HAL
    3. FDM (Formerly Upstream)

    First two methods are manual and I won't be able to help much with that but incase if you have FDM (Upstream) tool which can pick files from specific location and load it to HFM and planning as you want. From SAP, you can create flat file in csv format for inbound directory of FDM. Schedule FDM to pick up file from inbound directory to load to target destination. Thought you need little knowledge of FDM.

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    Dear Suraj,

    I am working on FDM and till now successfully loaded data into HFM / Planning from *.DAT file.
    My next step is to load data from SAP or DB2 now i am in search of ADAPTERS which i hope will positively get thru google.
    As soon as i get aby achievement i will revert back to forum.

    But i really want to say thanks to you for your suggestion on query, i hope if i get stuck in finding out answer to the query you will backup me with your experience.

    HFM n Planning
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    Good to know that you can load data to HFM. Wish you good luck with all your efforts.

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    My company deals directly with creating custom adapters for FDM, specifically for loading and extracting to HFM and Planning. These adapters are fully supported and can extract base and calculated data as well as journals and load between applications or create flat files. Let me know if this sounds like something you can use. Take care.

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    Hi Abhi,

    As currenttly i am able to implement FDM and can bring most out of it. but i still have a doubt on loading data from SAP or any ERP.

    I found suggestion made by you is quite interesting, can you be able to get into more details about the adapters, so that we can be in sync with the objective.

    Waiting for your response.

    Abhishek Singh
    HFM / Planning
  • Hi Abhi,

    Can you give the step by step instructions to in loading the data from Oracle to HFM or Planning using the Adapters you mentioned? It will be more helpful for me if you can provide it right away.
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