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first look

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- No formatting of items ( colors, fonts etc.) -> terrible looking reports.
- You cannot resize columns -> too large reports!
- I didn't find a way to change column headings.
- You cannot change report titles, headers and footers. Where is a "Page setup"?
- Printing doesn't work properly and there is no preview option.
- No Graphs.
- No exceptions.


Sorry to say, but i'ts not very useful yet.


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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171 Green Ribbon
    The focus of the first release Discoverer on the web is to provide a highly interactive, scaleable, robust, distributed computing architecture. Rather than take a windows architecture and place it on the web (which would give more initial functionality but would not scale, a potentially difficult downstream issue for a customer) we rewrote the server to ensure true web scalability. Now this work is completed we can easily add formatting and reporting extras quickly later this year.

    We feel that Oracle is the only company in this market to spend time and effort ensuring that existing customers don't get stranded by the wayside in order to make a quick profit in the market -- Discoverer is the only Business Intelligence tool that enables customers to share workbooks (reports) between their windows and web environment and modify them in both seamlessly. The look-and-feel of the web product is also consistent with the current Windows version to ensure that customers can move to the web with no re-training required.

    To respond to your points specifically:
    1. It is possible to change the formatting of items using Tools-Options. This sets up default formats which are then applied as you build the report. We readily agree it would also be nice to change the font dynamically, and this functioality will be available as part of a larger set of reporting features later this year.
    2. Resizing columns dynamically is an HTML (web) issue. There are no BI products on the web today which enable this specific piece of functionality. In the next release you will be able to do this in Discoverer as we incorporate the standard capabilities and common look-and-feel of Oracles' Business Intelligence Java Beans. (These beans are also being incorporated into Oracle's Applications, Oracle Reports and all Oracle Express Products. They will also be available to customers as an add-in to JDeveloper. This ensures that all Business Intelligence Solutions (whether from Oracle or built stand-alone) will have the same look-and-feel, reducing training costs for customers.)
    3. Column heading, reports, charts, titles etc are part of the Reporting release later this year.

    There is a large amount of functionality in this release that you can't find anywhere else on the web. These include:
    - Query Prediction
    - Summary Redirection
    - User-defined Calculations
    - True middle-tier scalability
    - Oracle Applications Security (Responsibilities, Sets of Books etc)
    - Shared workbooks between the windows and web environment
    - Shared metadata between the windows and web environment
    - Integration with WebDB
    - Export formats

    Oracle Discoverer Team
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