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Is 10.2 Dynamic Visitor Tools(DVT) Prod Ready?anyone using it successfully?

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edited Aug 19, 2008 1:10PM in WebLogic Portal
I am working on a Proof of Concept trying to see how much time/custom coding it will take 10.2 to do what we need... One of the big things is customization and all the hype makes DVT sounds pretty cool but when I am working on my first playground portal with DVT added I'm getting different results almost each time I use DVT to add portlets... When it shows the available portlets in preview (otherwise the preview clocks until I close my browser and reopen) It'll let me add most of the portlets with the exception of the "Content Presenter Portlet". It lets me drag it but when I hit done and it refreshes it's gone... Any ideas on why my DVT is so shaky or is this normal and is there any third party options to add??


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