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How do I assign an ODI variable from an Open Tool?

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edited Sep 10, 2008 5:57AM in Data Integrator
I'm writing an open tool (a custom tool to use in my ODI flows - a java class that implements oracle.odi.sdk.opentools.IOpenTool
). I need to perform a complex calculating in the java Open Tool and 'export' a value back into the ODI world. Idealy, it would be great if I could set a variable in ODI (from within the java world).
Is this possible?

If anyone knows the answer, or another way to do this (that might not be as ideal, but works all the same) please let me know.



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    It is not possible to directly populate an ODI variable, but what you can do is to put the result value into a memory engine table/column, and then to refresh the variable from there. As it is all in-memory, it is fast.
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